HMRC’s crackdown on freelance professionals and the businesses that hire them is a financial timebomb. And it is already ticking . . .

Hudson Freelance is a risk-free solution for businesses and freelance consultants alike

Introducing Hudson Freelance

A guaranteed service, providing an IR35 compliant method of engaging the freelance consultants you rely on

Are you ready for the IR35 changes?

HMRC is cracking down on firms that use freelance workers who come under IR35. From April, you might be liable for their tax and NICs.

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Private sector firms are coming under mounting pressure from HMRC to justify the employment status of their freelance consultants. How confident are you that your contracts will withstand line-by-line scrutiny? Hudson Freelance offers a service that means you can’t go wrong – providing you with predictable certainty of costs and access to the freelance services you need.

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Hudson Freelance formalises the relationship between the legitimately self-employed and their clients or customers. Using Hudson Freelance will allow you and your client to do what you do best whilst we take care of the auditing and recording keeping that proves you are genuinely self-employed.

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Hudson Freelance is a new sister service to Hudson Contract Ltd, the market leader in legitimate self-employment for freelance builders. Hudson has a compliance track record stretching back over twenty-three years

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