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Hudson Freelance means you can continue to engage the services of the self-employed consultants your construction business relies on – with nothing to fear from HMRC’s private sector crackdown

Compliance: It has never been more essential

Has HMRC already been in touch, requesting that you justify the self-employment status of your freelance consultants?  If not, it’s probable that sometime in the near future you will need to come up with legal proof that your freelancers are not, in fact, employees.

With tax avoidance crackdowns already having had disastrous consequences for freelancers in the public sector, HMRC is now widening the net, and private sector businesses in the construction sector are increasingly required to produce stringent, audited evidence to clearly demonstrate that every contractor they use is legitimately self-employed.

Many construction firms are understandably deciding to negotiate the minefield of employment status rules with extreme caution, fearing retribution from HMRC by way of a fine and retrospective PAYE and NICs if they make any mistake.

Yet this safety-first approach is likely to have unwelcome consequences. 

Freelance consultants, contractors and builders who are threatened with being taxed as employees – while being deprived of their right to claim various expenses and without the compensation of holiday and sick pay or a pension – are likely to increase their rates, or simply withdraw their offer of services.  How would your business cope with that?

Fortunately there’s an alternative way to safeguard your business interests:  Hudson Freelance.  We take full responsibility for the employment status of your freelance consultants, contractors and builders under a different – and established – procedure. 

Our service empowers you to engage the services of the self-employed technicians, consultants, and professionals you need without financial fear or the stress of protracted HMRC enquiries.

Rather than merely managing your firm’s employment status risks, we eliminate them entirely.  It’s a guaranteed solution outside of IR35 that ensures both you and your freelance consultants are free to focus on the work at hand, without the worry of an HMRC status investigation, or making mistakes that can lead to financial hardship.

Hudson Freelance means the buck stops with us.  Your business and your freelance consultants are bulletproof because if we get it wrong, we – not you – pay the HMRC penalty.

David Jackson, Founder & Chairman, Hudson Contract Services Ltd.      

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Hudson Freelance is a new sister service to Hudson Contract Ltd, the market leader in legitimate self-employment for freelance builders. Hudson has a compliance track record stretching back over twenty-three years

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